Grecia Lupi
Brief info

Hello! My name is Grecia Lupi although everyone calls me Lola and I prefer to go by that as well. I currently attend the University of Central Florida majoring in International Business. I have experience with kids of all ages from newborn- teenagers. I have looked after children for several families up to 4 kids at once. I know how to feed and prepare bottles, change diapers, burp and prepare for infants to go to sleep. For toddlers and older I make sure to provide an appropriate experience at all times. I have looked after children by staying with them overnight, during the day, or even just driving to and from school or extracurricular activities. I also have experience with children from job shadowing teachers in an elementary school for two years. I make sure to allow activities or external factors only approved or encouraged by the family. I try to keep my phone on me at all times in order for the parents to contact me at any given moment. I can’t wait to meet you and your little one(s). Please feel free to ask any questions about me or my experience!