Andrea Curiel
Brief info

Hello, I'm Andrea Curiel, a 39-year-old mother blessed with three wonderful boys, ages 17, 16, and 5. Motherhood has been the greatest joy of my life, sparking a deep love and appreciation for children, especially as they grow. Originally from Florida, I've always been drawn to nurturing and caring for little ones. Whether it's my own children, my friend's kids, or my adorable 6-month-old niece, seeing their smiles fills me with immense happiness.

I approach every child I encounter with the same love and care I give to my own. As an outdoorsy person, I adore spending time outside engaging in games and crafting activities. I firmly believe that hands-on experiences are the best way for children to learn and grow.

With an AS degree in Social Work and certifications in CPR and First Aid, I am dedicated to creating a safe and enriching environment for your child(ren). I am thrilled to channel my passion for nurturing and creating a nurturing space into providing the best care possible for your little ones. I am also fluent in Spanish and English