We engaged Keira Pusey as a babysitter on multiple occasions for extended family stays in Florida. After vetting several qualified candidates, we chose Keira because of her firm, experienced and loving approach to our son. Specifically, Keira was able to reinforce the behavior medication therapy regimen my son was receiving back at home. This was very important for us.
Keira was capable and comfortable with all aspects of childcare; meal prep and eating, bathing, dressing, playing, homework, etc. I wholeheartedly recommend Keira for your family’s childcare needs.


Mom of a boy

Keira Pusey was a teaching assistant in my son’s school, a school for teenagers who tended to be on the more severe side of Autism Spectrum Disorder. As a result, Keira developed a relationship with my son, and so I would on several occasions hire Keira to come to my home and babysit my son, as he needed a lot of 1×1 interaction/supervision. Activities Keira would engage on included everything from making meals, to helping him in the bathroom, to bathing him, to giving him a car ride, taking him to the park and playing a board game or doing a puzzle with him.
Keira was always punctual, professional and kind to my son.  I would definitely recommend her for these types of services.


Mom of 2 girls

Keiara provided care for my son, 18 years old, over the past 4 years off and on at various intervals.  Keiara is the best caregiver we have found for my son.  When Keiara took on a different role from his school, we missed her greatly.  Keiara is very energetic and positive and has a general love for the children she works with and cares for.  Keiara is proactive when trying engage my son to move about and just “experience” life outside of his shell.  My Son is also very found of Keiara and her happy, no nonsense attitude.  I always felt confident when leaving my son in her care.  The knowledge and experience Keiara obtains allows her to have any situation under control, even when unexpected behaviors occur.

L Petro

Mom of a girl & boy

“KeiAra started working for us in late 2019, early 2020 on our regular trips to Disney.  She has babysat for our 3 boys now ages 8, 7 and 5 on countless occasions.  We traveled down here so often, we decided to move June 2021. She has continued to babysit for us at various times.  She is prompt, dependable and trustworthy.  “

Stanley Barsch