Nageda Brantly
Brief info

Hello! I'm Deja, a 29-year-old on the path to becoming a pediatrician. As the oldest of 13 siblings, I stepped into a supportive role early on after my father passed away. This experience fueled my passion for working with children. I'm currently pursuing my pediatrician dreams through school.

I've been actively engaged with kids, starting with helping my mom and extending to babysitting in my neighborhood and church. I even obtained my babysitting license in 2007. Known as the cool aunt, I bring an outgoing, energetic, and responsible spirit to the table.

In my babysitting adventures, I love reading to the kids, organizing fun activities, and, most importantly, prioritizing safety. With CPR and first aid certification, background checks, and positive references, I'm committed to providing a secure and enjoyable environment for the little ones.