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Little dude is a super fun, rough and tumble, little one. If you love playing with little ones, and hopefully if you're reading this you do, he's super easy. He is a happy, high-energy boy with a healthy curiosity that drives him to love exploration. He is pretty independent, but craves active play and interaction. He is very rarely grumpy (even during leaps and teething). He loves going for walks and being outside. His bestie is our equally loveable pup, Bruno. Bruno is also high energy and loves people so much sometimes he can't contain his excitment. He loves to think of himself as the childcare supervisor and you will get a judgey look if he hears little man on the monitor and you don't immediately jump up 🙄🤦‍♀️ We also have one other dog, who we call our old lady. Her job is to make sure the couch doesn't float away. She's a super sweet old girl and our regular nanny's favorite (can you believe she doesn't even try to hide the favortism... pfft 😅).

I (mom) work part-time from home. I know, its a drag, but alas we do not have a single-payer healthcare system and thus I have to work. I know, super rude. That said, I will be available if needed, but we'd love to find someone who can care for little dude independently. That said, I do really enjoy popping in to hang out with my son and his regular nanny throughout the day, but I do try to be cognizant of when I need to make myself scarce so as to not make her job harder than it needs to be.

I'm told my husband (dad) is apparently a boss of some kind and thus can typically arrange to work from home if needed, but the guy's phone just never stops ringing, hence why we really need someone here to hang with little dude and take care of him while I'm working.

I have a healthy obsession with buying things for my son, and apparently, our house looks like a daycare. He has two play/toy rooms and our fully fenced backyard looks like a toddler water park, complete with a kiddie pool, water table, splash pad, water house, swings and a slide, bubble machines, the list goes on. We also have a variety of craft supplies and a sand table and magic sand on the way. Basically, this boy has PLENTY of things to help a care provider have tons of fun with him and keep him entertained.

We live in a great neighborhood in the Federal Way/Edgewood/Milton area. We have two private parks in our neighborhood and our neighborhood is very walkable, safe, and friendly.

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